Corporate Profile

GCC is a company incorporated in Alberta, Canada and is engaged in the production and sales of premium hard coking coal. It is an exporter of premium low volatile hard coking coal, and is one of the only four coking coal producers in North America with the ability to export coking coal from the west coast to the end user market in Asia. The company was acquired by Up Energy (307.HK) in 2015.

GCC coal mines are situated in Smoky River Coal Field and commenced production in 2004. With 25 mines held totaling over 29,000 hectares, it has abundant reserves position for surface mining and underground mining. The raw coal resources, prepared in accordance with the Canadian Standard NI 43-101, amounted to 664 million tonnes, and the total saleable coal reserves amounted to 148 million tonnes, with a mine life over 40 years.


GCC produces low volatile hard coking coal with low ash content, and it is classified as world class premium types of coal.

Besides, GCC possesses well-established infrastructure and logistics facilities, and it has direct access to Canadian National Railway with connection to the east-west line. Also, a favourable agreement has been signed with Westshore Terminals, with valid until 2021. There are also excellent on-site infrastructure, including two-lane paved highways, railway load-out, office facilities, coal-washing plant and nearby natural gas and coal-fired power stations. Except the above, GCC has a long operation history with stable customer bases all around China, Brazil, Korea, Japan and India. The coking coal is successfully sold to Asia, Europe and America for supply to major steel plants.


On 7 September 2015, Up Energy Development Group Limited, a company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, announced the completion of the acquisition of GCC, and GCC became an indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary of Up Energy.

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